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Benefits of outsourcing & why you need to outsource now! | Dave Offen

Dave Offen

Local business marketing consultant and coach


Benefits of outsourcing & why you need to outsource now!

First, let me ask you a quick question…

Why are you into online marketing?

Is it to make a few extra bucks to supplement your income?

Or is it because you want to free yourself from the shackles of a conventional job?

Or is it just a hobby?

Whatever the reason you got into this game, if you outsource some of your business, you will reap the rewards.

All to often, I come across people who are struggling, and it often turns out that the blockage is something really minor, like the don’t know how to build a wordpress site, or can’t do the graphics, or copy…

And believe it or not, some people sit on a project for months waiting for the little problem to sort itself out…

And it wont!

I even knew one guy who had the most awesome product ready to go, and it would have smashed it as a WSO, but he didn’t know how to use W+. And his poduct sat on his hard-drive for MONTHS, while he struggled to make his next rent payment.

Fortunately… Eventually, he did get it outsourced and it sold very well. The cost? 20 bucks!

For the sake of 20 bucks, he’s struggled financially for a couple of months!

CLICK HERE to find out how you could outsource for TWO BUCKS AN HOUR!

I know outsourcing can be scary, but first, just think of the benefits!

There are so many benefits to outsourcing. Here are some of them:

Outsourcing will save you time. Time is precious. You can’t get it back!

And you can focus on the important things in your business, instead of the minute techie details.

Oh, and it allows you to concetrate on the aspects of the business that YOU ENJOY!

Outsourcing will allow you to expand your business. If you have ground to a halt because you don’t feel yuou can offer a service, or write a report, or do graphics, let someone else do them! There are plent who can! Offliners often worry about taking on a client because they want a service they cannot provide. OUTSOURCE it!

Outsourcing allows you to be more competitive, because you can offer higher quality, faster!

If you want to streamline your business… Outsource! You wont have to worry about being overloaded. You can delegate the work and sit back and relax, or do more of the things you enjoy! No turning potential customers away any more!

And you can increase the quality of your products/services. Face the fact that you don’t know everything and you can’t do everything! There are plent of experts out there in every field imaginable! I know web development – a bit – but I am a cr*p designer! So I outsource it!

Outsourcing is cheap! Much heaper than hiring a regular employee. We are lucky in our industry that there are capable individuals all around the world that are more capable than us, who charge next to nothing! Because in the “western world”, we are used to earning however much per hour. The expectations of these guys is much lower! In some countries, 2 dollars an hour will get you a very skilled assistant! TWO DOLLARS!

Oh, and you can make a BIG difference to someone else’s life! For many people, the opportunity to work for you could be the best opportunity of their life!

If you would like to know more about outsourcing for $2 an hour(!) CLICK HERE

Please, if you have any comments, leave them below… I’d love to know what you think

One Response to Benefits of outsourcing & why you need to outsource now!

  1. what i really wanted was to find a qualified person to build the simple websites. I would be getting the business by telemarketing and someone else could build them. The guy that outsources from the Phillipines seems to be focused on internet marketing, which I am not interested in!
    Regards,Rich Wiediger

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