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Dave Offen

Dave Offen

Local business marketing consultant and coach


Benefits of outsourcing & why you need to outsource now!

First, let me ask you a quick question…

Why are you into online marketing?

Is it to make a few extra bucks to supplement your income?

Or is it because you want to free yourself from the shackles of a conventional job?

Or is it just a hobby?

Whatever the reason you got into this game, if you outsource some of your business, you will reap the rewards.

All to often, I come across people who are struggling, and it often turns out that the blockage is something really minor, like the don’t know how to build a wordpress site, or can’t do the graphics, or copy…

And believe it or not, some people sit on a project for months waiting for the little problem to sort itself out…

And it wont!

I even knew one guy who had the most awesome product ready to go, and it would have smashed it as a WSO, but he didn’t know how to use W+. And his poduct sat on his hard-drive for MONTHS, while he struggled to make his next rent payment.

Fortunately… Eventually, he did get it outsourced and it sold very well. The cost? 20 bucks!

For the sake of 20 bucks, he’s struggled financially for a couple of months!

CLICK HERE to find out how you could outsource for TWO BUCKS AN HOUR!

I know outsourcing can be scary, but first, just think of the benefits!

There are so many benefits to outsourcing. Here are some of them:

Outsourcing will save you time. Time is precious. You can’t get it back!

And you can focus on the important things in your business, instead of the minute techie details.

Oh, and it allows you to concetrate on the aspects of the business that YOU ENJOY!

Outsourcing will allow you to expand your business. If you have ground to a halt because you don’t feel yuou can offer a service, or write a report, or do graphics, let someone else do them! There are plent who can! Offliners often worry about taking on a client because they want a service they cannot provide. OUTSOURCE it!

Outsourcing allows you to be more competitive, because you can offer higher quality, faster!

If you want to streamline your business… Outsource! You wont have to worry about being overloaded. You can delegate the work and sit back and relax, or do more of the things you enjoy! No turning potential customers away any more!

And you can increase the quality of your products/services. Face the fact that you don’t know everything and you can’t do everything! There are plent of experts out there in every field imaginable! I know web development – a bit – but I am a cr*p designer! So I outsource it!

Outsourcing is cheap! Much heaper than hiring a regular employee. We are lucky in our industry that there are capable individuals all around the world that are more capable than us, who charge next to nothing! Because in the “western world”, we are used to earning however much per hour. The expectations of these guys is much lower! In some countries, 2 dollars an hour will get you a very skilled assistant! TWO DOLLARS!

Oh, and you can make a BIG difference to someone else’s life! For many people, the opportunity to work for you could be the best opportunity of their life!

If you would like to know more about outsourcing for $2 an hour(!) CLICK HERE

Please, if you have any comments, leave them below… I’d love to know what you think


Guerrilla Strategies for Offliners Revealed

A while back, I did an interview with Barry Plaskow, who reveals his Guerilla strategies for getting offline clients. Barry is a Guerilla Marketing Master Trainer, and a close associate of marketing legend and author of Guerilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.

The strategies that Barry reveals here are DYNAMITE! So simple for anyone to go out and make a killing in the mobile consultancy business!

Bear in mind that this was recorded during the launch of one of his early WSOs, but the strategies still hold true. Awesome stuff!

Want to add loads to your bottom line as an “offline” Consultant? Implement these strategies in your business using this incredible new Push Notification application!

I will be locking this content down very shortly, so PLEASE share this with your friends and followers before it’s tucked away behind a members area.


More to reputation management than you may think

Reputation management is a lot more involved than simply trying to bury a few bad reviews…

A recent study by the specialist research company Enquiro, found that consumers visit the major search engines at various stages of the buying process.

9% use search engines for Awareness
68% use search engines for Consideration or Research
43% use search engines for Decision
28% use search engines for Purchase

All this means that offline businesses absolutely need a web presence of sorts. Preferably their own website, but a Google Plus Local listing at the very least!


It also means that business absolutely MUST dominate the first results page for searches done for their company name!

Why do they need to do that?, you may ask.

Consider this. Your company holds the #1 slot for a search on it’s name, but the next few slots are filled with blog posts saying how much your company sucks!

That’s going to frighten off potential clients, for sure.

So offline businesses NEED

Press releases
Social network profiles
Web 2.0 accounts
Directory listings
and more…

If you think that reputation management is simply a case of trying to bury a few bad reviews, you’re just scratching the surface.

Proactive reputation management involves controlling what people see about your, or your client’s business, whether that is reviews on Google Plus, Trip Advisor etc, or simply in the search results.

The good news about all of this is that, as reputaion management consultants, we can command a substantial fee for providing these services, and we don’t necessarily have to do the work ourselves.

Much of the review-aspect of reputation management can be set up as an automated process, and the SEO aspect can be cheaply outsourced.

I am always looking to improve services for my clients, and as such, I study… A LOT!

And the course that I have found has given me the best insight, advice, scripts and tools for reputation management is Retro Reppin, by Anthony Devine and Mike Shreeve.

I can’t recommend this highly enough as it has already added to my bottom line, and I’ve only just scratched the surface!

Check it out here… TODAY!




Why reputation management is easiest service to sell to offline businesses

Reputation management is a growing industry, and it’s a service that you can easily sell to local businesses.

In previous posts I have spoken about how I make money by giving away free websites, and how sometimes going back to basics can reap big rewards, both for quick cash and for building up a client bas quickly.

The free website model relies on recurring hosting payments and site maintenance agreements to work, but there are of course additional services you can offer.

I used to do a lot od SEO, both in the corporate world and for offline clients, but let me tell you, it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest Google algorithm changes and it requires a lot of work building backlinks etc, and it wasn’t always easy finding reliable outsourcers to do the work for me.

So I looked around for other services I could offer on an ongoing basis that were easier to offer.

And the service that more of my clients are interested in now than any other is reputation management.

So why are more and more of my clients taking me up on reputation management services?

In some respects it’s simply that they NEED to. I first got into offering this when an existing clients cam to me and said “Dave, I’ve got a problem. I was checking my Google rankings when I came across some bad things being said about the business and I think it’s putting people off”.

It turns out that my client’s customer had a small issue that could have been resolved with a quick phone call, but decided instead to post some pretty scathing, and unjustified, reviews.

So, I went about rebuilding his online reputation with positive reviews that buried the one bad one that he was so worried about.

And from potentially losing business, he actually started getting more and more business from referrals and these positive reviews.

So, he is now more than happy to pay me a monthly fee to manage his online reputation for him. Because, quite simply, it offers a VERY healthy ROI for him!

And for me, well, I get the pleasure of knowing that I am REALLY HELPING out local businesses by offering this service. plus it makes me a good living at the same time!

I wanted to ramp up my reputation management offerings, so I have been studying just about all the WSOs that have come out on the subject, and I have got some great tips and tricks from most.

But the one that has given me most, and I’ve really only just finished going through all the material, is Retro Reppin, from Anthony Devine and Mike Shreeve.

They both know the Reputation Management game inside out and have combined to bring together the most comprehensive course and resources on the subject that I have found so far.

I really recomment that if you want to offer something of true value to local businesses, then get in to reputation management and follow the advice of Mike and Anthony.

Click here to check out RETRO REPPIN NOW!

I added a couple of screen shots of the download pages so you could get some idea of the incredible value of what these guys are offering…


How I make money giving away FREE websites!

A few days ago, I told you how I was approaching businesses and getting clients who needed either new, or up-to-date websites.

Today, I want to let you into my little secret about how I am making money from my offer.

You see, I’m not always charging them for the websites!

Yeah, some are paying handsomely for new websites, BUT I’m also giving a lot of websites away… For free!

A lot of business owners are approached on an almost daily basis by people offering to build, or rebuild their websites for $1500+++

And the initial outlay can scare the business owner off. They wonder maybe “how many sales do I need to make to cover the cost of the site”.

So imagine how they feel when someone comes in and says “Mr Business-Owner, I noticed when i was searching for [Your Industry] that you don’t have a website. I’m sure you realise the importance of being seen online these days. How about I build you a website for FREE?”.

This is probably where you start to think I’ve gone a bit mad! OK, maybe I have a little, but bear with me on this one.

I’m a bit of a techie, so I know that I can put together a site for them within maybe half an hour.

Don’t forget, I’m giving this to them for FREE, so it’s not going to be a massive website full of hundreds of pages of content. It’ll be a 4 or 5 page site with the essential details included.

If they want a bespoke or larger site, they’ll have to pay for that…

And, no I’m not going to charge them for the site – it will be built using either a free template, or preferably a premium business template to which I have developer/resell rights.

What I AM going to charge for however, is HOSTING.

I have a reseller account with Hostgator that costs me 25 dollars per month. One hosted website and, my hosting costs are covered. But what if I build 10 of these sites. 5 hours work for me, and assuming I charge 25 dollars a month for hosting, that’s 225 bucks profit each and every month.

If I build 50, that’s $1185 profit per month…

And guess what. People are SCARED to change their website hosting! So the retention of these clients is pretty easy from day one.

Oh yes, and people share! “Wow, where did you get that great website?”

“You’ll never believe this, but I got it for FREE from this local guy”.

OK. Now I have 50 sites up and running. So, I offer a mobile version as well. I’ll charge for this though. Let’s say an extra 10 bucks a month. (All I need to do is switch on the mobile version in my template! A one-off 30 second job.)

So basically, I’m bringing in $1500+ per month without even getting out of bed.

I use these templates on a lot of the sites I build

Niche Themes – All “responsive”, so display great on mobiles!

Vol 1– Pizza Restaurant; Attorney; Florist; Landscaper; HVAC

Vol 2– Golf Club; Chiropractor; Coffee Shop; Pest Control; Contractor

Vol 3– Taxi; Kitchen Remodeling; Dentist; Veterinarian; Locksmith

Vol 4– Pediatrician; Computer Repair; Real Estate; Towing Company; Painter

Vol 5– Handyman; Accountant; Electrician; Hair Salon; Nursing/Elder Care

Vol 6– Plumber; Carpet Cleaner; Roofer; Online Marketing Company; Steakhouse

Vol 7– DUI Attorney; Cleaning Company; Auto Repair; Plastic Surgeon; Limo Service

Vol 8– Security; Auto Dealer; Photo Studio; Insurance; Generic Corporate Theme

Vol 9– Optometrist; Daycare; Drywaller; Social Marketing; Swimming Pool

Vol 10– Window Cleaner, Trucking, Paving, Fitness, Dog Care

Vol11– Mortgages, Moving Company, Diner/Burger Joint, Music Teacher, Flooring

But why stop there. Build 100, 200 sites. Scale it up by using an outsourcer to build the sites for you!

And I’ll offer maintenance packages, emails, autoresponder services, social media management, reputation management and all sorts of other services a little down the line.

And what about the people who already have a decent website?

Do they have a mobile-ready site? Or a decent social media presence? Do they collect visitor email addresses or mobile numbers? Maybe they have bad reviews on their G+ listings. Perhaps they haven’t claimed their listings….


Just maybe, they’d like the idea of having an entry on a local directory, or a niche directory. With the right WordPress themes it’s pretty easy these days to put together a decent local directory site and optimise it to your town. Or just pay for an Adwords campaign. Get 50 people on there at $20/month and that’s another grand in the bank for you. Don’t forget, your very first customer is paying for your hosting!

And, hey, if the directory is mobile enabled, that can open doors for you! “Hey look Mr Business-Owner, here’s your cheap n cheerful entry on our local directory. Did you know people can use our website on their smart phones? Trouble is, when they click through to your website, it just doesn’t look right on a phone”.

All of a sudden, giving away a free website isn’t looking so ridiculous, is it!

I’m not afraid of hard work. And it does take some hard work to get to this point, but hey, if I can make a regular income without even getting out of bed, then I’m all for it!

Click here to see what WP Directory Theme I use?

If you’re happy getting lots of rejections, trying to sell  expensive websites or complicated SEO services, good luck. There are lots of different ways to build a business.

And I’d love to know how you go about it. Please leave a comment below.

Oh, and if you found this post useful, please be kind and share it!

Be awesome


As a foot note to this….

I don’t just give sites away. I sell web design services too, but this is an extremely easy way to get your foot in the door and get up and running.

Another way to ramp things up a little is to explain how your normal fees are, let’s say $2000 for a website, but they can have one at 90% off if they promise to give you a testimonial, or recommend you to a friend.

You bank $200 and get valuable recommendations and testimonials that you can use on your sales material. And they feel like they got a bargain.